Student Population

McGlannan School serves children ages 6 to 14 (Grades 1st-8th) with average to superior intellect who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or related language-based learning difficulties, such as memory and processing deficits. ADHD may be present as a secondary diagnosis. 

McGlannan School is not structured to accommodate students with an intellectual disability, primary diagnosis of behavioral or emotional disorders, or students diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.

Rolling Admissions Offered Throughout the Year

McGlannan School is dedicated to the specific instructional needs of children with average to superior intellect who are also challenged by the learning difficulties of dyslexia. By focusing solely on this particular student population, our highly trained directors and staff are able to identify the learning strengths and weaknesses of each child in order to provide individualized prescriptive instructional interventions. Through the use of our proprietary teaching strategies in conjunction with other specialized methods such as the Orton-Gillingham Approach, we are able to meet the unique educational needs of our students. Our supportive learning environment fosters self-esteem while providing each child the opportunity to realize their true academic potential. 

Students become active learners as they experience academic success. Our goal is to prepare students for a successful return to the mainstream by remediating academics and improving executive functioning skills. Additionally, McGlannan students are guided toward the recognition and understanding of their individual learning profile, along with the appropriate application of strategies, methods and techniques tailored to meet their specific needs. This, in turn, assists our students toward becoming effective self-advocates throughout the remainder of their educational careers.   

We understand that it is a serious and difficult decision for parents to remove their child from a mainstream setting and enroll him or her in a specialized, academically clinical school. Keeping in mind the personal concerns of all parents regarding educational decisions for their children, McGlannan School maintains a thoughtful and comprehensive admissions process. Our Director of Admissions, along with our Admissions Committee, strives with compassion to determine whether our program and approach is the appropriate educational environment for each applicant.

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Admissions Process:

Step 1: Complete the Admissions Inquiry Form
Step 2: Submit the following information to

-A complete psychoeducational evaluation (given within the past 3 years)
- Most recent school reports (report card, IEP, etc.)
- Other pertinent testing completed in the last 3 years, such as speech and language or occupational therapy evaluations

Step 3: Speak with the Admissions Director
Step 4: Schedule a Tour
Step 5: Complete the Admissions Packet

Some applicants will be invited to visit the school to attend classes and complete the intake testing with our educational specialist.

*There is a $600 testing fee.

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